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Committees shall enjoy and exercise all the powers and privileges bestowed on county assembly by the constitution and statute, including the power to summon witnesses, receive evidence and to request for and receive papers and documents from the government and the public


 1   Hon. Lempere Solomon
 2  Hon. Osman Adan Dube
 3  Hon. Lemoosa Maura Lekuram
 4  Hon. Benjamin Leitore
 5  Hon. Lorunyei Lawrence Sebastian
 6  Hon. Lanyasunya Adamson L.
 7  Hon. Nicholas Mpopoyio
 8  Hon. Wonyang Ekutan Paul
 9  Hon. Antonella Lobura
 10  Hon. Josphine Kundera Lesilampa
 11  Hon. Stefania Stain Lanyasunya


Surface Area

224,000 Residents

Population Density
11persons per kmsq

Ksh 100 Billion