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The committee on implementation is established pursuant to the provisions of standing order No. 188.


The committee is charged with the responsibility of scrutinizing the resolutions of the house (including adopted committee reports), Petitions and the undertakings given by the county executive and examine :- 

  1. Whether or not such decisions and undertakings have been implemented and where implemented, the extent to which they have been implemented, and whether such implementation has taken place within the minimum time necessary;
  2. Whether or not legislations passed by the house has been operationalized, the extent to which such operation has taken place within the minimum time necessary’
  3. The committee may propose to the house, sanctions against any County executive member who fails to report to the relevant select committee on implementation status without justifiable reasons. 

Committee Subjects

All the county government departments or agencies whom directions has been given to by the County Assembly to implement certain house resolutions. 


 1   Hon. Kiragu Fred Kanyiri Chairperson
 2  Hon. Lenkirasi Doris Seeto Vice Chairperson
 3  Hon. Lentukunye Christopher MCA
 4  Hon. Edwin Lesiyampe MCA
 5  Hon. Kalapata Elizabeth MCA
 6  Hon. Asha Mohammed MCA
 7  Hon. Roseline Leasaibile MCA


Surface Area

224,000 Residents

Population Density
11persons per kmsq

Ksh 100 Billion