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Word from the Speaker

I take this opportunity to welcome you to our official County Assembly Website. As your Speaker, I will do all that is lawfully and humanly possible to facilitate the process of passage of county governance laws and setting the pace for the sustained economic growth and development of our beloved county, Samburu. The County Assembly of Samburu, as a people’s Assembly will represent, legislate and oversee good governance in our county.

Hon. Stephen Lenamarle –  Speaker,  County Assembly of Samburu

According to the County Governments Act, each county assembly has a speaker elected by the county assembly from among persons who are not members of the assembly. A sitting of the county assembly is presided over by the following:

  • the speaker of the assembly; or
  • in the absence of the speaker, another member of the assembly elected by the assembly.

The third County Assembly of Samburu was consitituted on the swearing in ceremony of 28th September 2022, with both elected and specially elected members presided by the Clerk of the County Assembly, Mr. Patrick Leshore

Word from the Clerk

As the Clerk of the County Assembly of Samburu, I take this opportunity to welcome you to our official Assembly website. Like most county assemblies we are striving to capacity build both the members of the county assembly and staff through seminars and workshops, site visits and simulations. As a county assembly, we are striving towards running our business openly and with integrity, on behalf of the people of Samburu County.

Mr Fred Leparleen – County Assembly Clerk

The Clerk of the County Assembly of Samburu is Mr Fred Leparleen. The functions of the County Assembly Clerk include the following:

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Surface Area

310, 327 Residents

Population Density
15persons per kmsq

Ksh 100 Billion