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Mr. speaker sir,

I am seeking a statement from the Hon. Chair for physical planning and housing pertaining the implementation of group ranches and adjudication areas beaconing. In particular Mr. Speaker, this honourable house has approved a budget to complete the adjudication process for Suguta Marmar B which include Malaso B,

Tinga B, Loosuk B, Lolmolog B, Longewan B, Ndonyo Wasin, Sere Olipi, Nairimirimo as well as beaconing of Tinga A, Malaso A, and Loosuk A group ranches.

Mr. Speaker Sir, the completion of this process will facilitate our communities to have title deeds, hence solve lands ownership problems with our neighbouring counties. Further in this Mr. Speaker, for Lolkunono and Lesidai centres need an urgent planning. Since the mashrooming of unplanned shops/structures is enormous and the
planning will create opportunities to expand county revenue base. Mr. Speaker Sir, the department for physical planning and housing has not been seen to plan with the communities and time is not on our side.

Statement by

Hon. Adamson Lanyasunya
Deputy Speaker,
MCA – Loosuk Ward