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January 18th, 2021



Today's News:
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Mr. Speaker Sir,

Pertaining the recruitment of ECD teachers as asked by the honourable member, this should have been done long ago. Modalities and technicalities on recruitment had been ironed out with CPSB and the ministry has provided recruitment procedures to the service board and only a waiting them to advertise.

The mode of advertisement that was agreed by the ministry include:

  • Internal notices in all the notice boards
  • In a local radio station

This should be done to ensure enough publicity among our people in our locality.

Mr Speaker Sir the ministry has also provided the criteria and qualification on how one should be qualified to be recruited as follows:

  1. One must have completed Std 8 and should have an ECD certificate either from KNEC or from Ministry of Education or CPE (Class Seven) and has ECD certificate from KNEC or Ministry of Education- these teachers are grade teacher III and in Job Group E.
  2. Form Four certificate and ECD certificate from KNEC or Ministry of Education. These teachers are graded Teacher II and in Job Group G.
  3. Diploma Certificate from either ECD or Ministry of Education. These teachers are graded Teacher I and in Job Group J

Mr. Speaker Sir, as at now these teachers are hired in same Job Group E as budgeted in our budget but in our next allocation, teachers will earn according to their respective job groups.

The Ministry is intending to distribute these teachers according to the number of wards in the sub-county, with special consideration be given to Maralal Ward in Samburu West Sub-County, Wamba East in Samburu East Sub-County and Elbarta Ward in Samburu North Sub County to ensure equity and fair representation.

Mr. Speaker Sir, pertaining the reduction of ECD teachers from the previous number of 300 to 200, this decision was reached during the CEC’s meeting held in October this year to deal with budget deficit from donor funded projects which totalled to KSH204 Million. The deficit can only be explained better by the CEC member finance.

Feeding Programme:-

This program cannot start immediately until we have these teachers who are ECD managers on the ground for better management of this foods, although plans are under-way to procure these foods to be ready when these teachers are in place by early January 2014.


Mr. Speaker Sir, the bursaries have taken long before being disbursed to various beneficiaries which is too unfortunate, but Mr. Speaker Sir, some lists of beneficiaries have been received by CEC Education and have been presented to the Ministry of Finance for disbursement. The ministry is following to make sure they are given out immediately. Mr Speaker Sir, some wards have not presented their bursaries list for considerations which also contributed to the delay of these payments since the Ministry of Finance was intending to write common cheque to the beneficiaries/students from the same schools. Mr Speaker Sir, these wards are:

  1. Elbarta Ward
  2. Ndooto Ward
  3. Wamba North
  4. Ngiro Ward

Mr Speaker sir, these members should present the said lists for disbursement.

Construction of ECD centres:

Mr. Speaker Sir, these are on-going projects in the following wards,

  1. Suguta MarMar Ward
  2. Wamba East Ward
  3. Agata Nanyokie Ward
  4. Ndooto Ward

These wards has 3 classes each.

Mr. Speaker Sir, there are also classes which BQs are Ready and can start any time: 2 Classes at Naiborkeju; 1 Class at Lolua; 1 class at Nomadic; 1 class at Kurseinie; 1 class at Nkokiin; 1 class at Sawan; 1 Class at Siambu; 3 class at Horr Town.

Mr. Speaker Sir, these projects will start at the end of Dec 2013. The ministry also has plans underway in the following wards:-

  1. Technical Schools – Waso Ward
  2. Technical School – Loosuk Ward
  3. Disputed Polytechnic – Maralal Ward

Plans are also underway in Elbarta and Nachola Wards but insecurity matters has delayed projects in those two wards but the ministry is intending to start immediately when the situation comes to normal.

Mr. speaker Sir, the ministry is doing all ways possible to implement the ministry proposal in place to ensure education in our country is at the top and reduce the illiteracy levels otherwise the ministry is doing all the best to fulfil the promise of the county governments (Manifestos)


Hon. Shadrack Lesoipa

Chair Education, Youth affairs & Sport

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