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From: Ministry of Finance, Economic planning and Marketing


I stand to seek ministerial statement from a number of issues; Mr. Speaker this issues concerns Yarre International Camel Derby event that took place in August 2013. Mr speaker Sir, I want to thank the sponsors of this event for making it successful; Among others they include Kenya Commercial Bank, Equity Bank Limited, Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA), Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) and Government of Samburu County.

Mr. Speaker Sir this event is annual and we hope to have a cordial relationship with the above mentioned sponsors in order to receive even more support. This then calls for transparent use of whatever resources directed to the said event. Having said this, I wish to know the following Mr. Speaker for public consumption:

  1. The amount contributed by each and every sponsor
  2. The amount contributed by the county Government
  3. Who was collecting Revenue in Yarre and how much was collected plus evidence of collection and banking or expenses evidence.
  4. Who was in charge of this event or the authorizing officer/supervisor of the revenue collected and who identified the revenue collectors?

Hon. Raisy A. Letura
Member County Assembly –Ndooto Ward.