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May 23rd, 2019



Today's News:
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The County Assembly of Samburu has today the 31st of October 2018, passed the Samburu County Health Services Bill, 2018. The purpose of this act is to promote the access to better health services, facilitate realization of right to health care and consumer health rights.

The Samburu Cultural Night is here again.

 01/10/2016 All Roads lead to Bomas of Kenya, a historical Ground known to have lifted different Cultures in our Lovely Country, One Nation multiple cultures.

Samburu Cultural Night dubbed as " Samburu Nite" and hosted by Samburu University Students will be live at Bomas of Kenya this Saturday, the culture that is rich in all aspects will be showcased once again to the whole world at the famous Bomas of Kenya this Saturday 01.10.16.

The Theme will be To Showcase the Samburu Culture for its sustainability and all the proceeds will go along in helping our University Students to see them go through their much needed Education and in turn bring back their expertise back home and Kenya at Large.

Come celebrate with butterfly people, learn their culture and help a Girl/Boy go through his/her studies


Following the lifting of the Conservatory Order by Nakuru High Court in Petition No. 17 of 2014 on 14/05/2014 and Pursuant to Section 8(1)(a) and Standing Order 42, the Committee on Appointments of the County Assembly invites the CHIEF OFFICERS’ NOMINEES herein below for VETTING.
Pursuant to Article 10 of the Constitution, members of the public are invited to submit any information that may have a bearing on the suitability of the Nominees within SEVEN DAYS from the date of this notice.


DEPARTMENT: Medical Services

NAME: Julius Leseeto

DATE: 26/05/2014

TIME: 9.00-10.00am


NAME: Linus Lenoolngenche

DATE: 26/05/2014

TIME: 10.00-11.00am


DEPARTMENT:Culture ,Social Services & Gender

NAME: Lilian Lemako

DATE: 26/05/2014

TIME:11.00am-12.00 noon


DEPARTMENT: Environment & Natural Resources

NAME: Josephine Lenasalia

DATE: 26/05/2014

TIME: 2.00-3.00pm


DEPARTMENT: Agriculture

NAME: Reuben Lemunyete

DATE: 26/05/2014

TIME: 3.00-4.00pm

NAME: Daniel Lenoolkrina

DATE: 26/05/2014

TIME: 4.00-5.00pm


DEPARTMENT: Cooperative Development ,Trade, Industry & Entrepreneurship Development

NAME: Lydia Ngini Letinina

TIME: 26/05/2014

TIME: 5.00-6.00pm


DEPARTMENT: County Transport and Public Works

NAME: Eng. Paul Loolmingani

DATE: 26/05/2014

TIME: 6.00-7.00pm


The Nominees should bring originals of the following documents:

Academic certificates and other testimonials

  1. KRA clearance certificate
  2. EACC clearance certificate
  3. HELB clearance certificate
  4. CID certificate of good conduct
  5. National Identity Card

Submission of Memorandum by members of the public should be done in writing to the Clerk, Post Office Box 3-20600, Maralal or send through email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr P.K. Leshore, 19/05/2014

The Clerk, County Assembly of Samburu.

Today, the 26th of may 2014 marked the day that all have been waiting for . The chief officers to various ministries were vetted by the County Assembly.


The beatiful scenaries of Samburu County as you transverse through the county, land marks(SAPACHE MOUNTAIN) on your way to Marsabit just past Archer’s Post toward a word to Hon. F Lolosoli, the leader of the Majority in the County Assembly!

great scenaries1

The County Assembly has undergone major  renovations and Highly improved systems, state of the Art technology that will see live streaming of the parliament proceeding,lie airing through serian FM, electronic voting in the House, Bio-metric attendance control systems and improved public Gallery within and outside the chambers, All the county assembly departments are now synchronized and automated for efficient service delivery. The ICT department is revolutionizing the whole process and soon the parliamentary proceedings will be followed online including the billing process! What a great team to introduce and ensure that the County assembly of Samburu will be the best not only in Kenya but in whole of East Africa this is achieved through a great suport from the Hon. Speaker and the Clerk.


The training that took place on 14th to 17th july 2014 at Kenya Utalii College. This was an eye opener for both the MCA’s an the County Assembly staff. for the new year its a step closer to acchieving our vision and mision which we exist to achieve.

It was (3) three days visit to the three Sub-counties by the D. President that saw Samburu county benefiting to a tone of over 300milllion worth of money!

Today, the 2nd day of September 2014, when the HON. SENATOR will address the Assembly for the first time this year after the house resume business from recess.. Shortly in the Afternoon!

20140902 145313

Samburu County is a county in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Its has a Total Population of 223,947 ; 47,354 House holds and covers an area of 21,022.2 SQ. KM. The Population density is 11 people PER SQ. KM and 73% of the population live below the poverty line.

Some Strengths of Samburu County include:

  1. Natural resources as wildlife, livestock, land , pasture, water, forests, wind and solar energy,minerals
  2. Tourist Attractions as Samburu National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Shaba National Reserve
  3. Main Economic Activities Tourism, Nomadic Pastoralism, Commercial Businesses


samburu map final

The CASB & Staff training at KSMS Key Facilitators Hon. Peter Mwathi- Former Commissioner (Parliamentary Service Commission), Mr. Charles Ondingi-(Assistant Hansard Editor, Senate), Milcah K. Rono- (Fiscal Analyst, Westminster Foundation), Mr. JN Mutenga, Principal Clerk assistant- (National Parliament), Mr. Patrick Gichohi- Public Service Commission.

Officially opened by Hon. Speaker Steve Lelegwe

Training Objective: For Efficient & Effective Legislature!

EVENT: Samburu County Maralal International Camel Derby, 26th Edition
THEME: Sporting For Tourism, Conservation And Peaceful Cultural Interaction
DATE: 14th – 16th August 2015
VENUE: Yare Camel Club, Maralal Samburu County

Samburu County Statistics

  • Surface Area
    Surface Area

    21,000 kmsq

  • Population

    224,000 Residents

  • Population Density
    Population Density

    11 persons per kmsq

  • Investments

    Ksh 100 Billion

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