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December 7th, 2019



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As the Clerk of the County Assembly of Samburu, I take this opportunity welcome you to our official Assembly website. Like most county assemblies we are striving to capacity build both the members of the county assembly and staff through seminars and workshops, site visits and simulations. As a county assembly, we are striving towards running our business openly and with integrity, on behalf of the people of Samburu County.

Hon. Patrick Leshore – County Assembly Clerk

The Clerk of the County Assembly of Samburu is Hon. Patrick Leshore. The functions of the County Assembly Clerk include the following:

  1. Administrative head of the County Assembly
  2. The Accounting Officer/ Authorized Officer for the County Assembly
  3. Secretary to the County Assembly Service Board
  4. Responsible for implementation of all policy decisions of the County Assembly Service Board
  5. Responsible for Enhancing public understanding and knowledge of the work of the County Assembly and increasing public accessibility
  6. The Principal Adviser on all legislative procedures, practices, conventions and traditions to the Speaker of the County Assembly, other Presiding Officers and to all Honorable Members

Other Administrative Departments in the County Assembly of Samburu include the following:

  1. Finance and accounts department
  2. ICT Department
  3. HR Department
  4. Procurement Department
  5. Legal Department
  6. Hanzard Department
  7. Office of the Seargent at Arms


Finance and accounts department
Headed by: Mr. David Lerno
(Bcom, Undertaking MBA (Finance Option) and over 5 years experience)

ICT Department
Headed by: Mr David N. Lesamana
(Bsc IT holder, undertaking a Master’s degree in Project planning and Management, over 8 years’experience as a systems Developer & Project Management)

HR Department
Headed by: Mr. Simon Lolonyokie
BBM-HRM, HND, DIP HRM, undertaking MBA (Strategic Management), over 7 years of experience in HRM

Procurement Department
Headed by: Mr. Edwin Lempushuna
(Degree in Procurement and supply chain management, over 3 years’ experience)

Legal Department
Headed by: Mr. Toilassy Leturuju

Hanzard Department
Headed By: Mr. Leparlen Fred Lenapeer
(BA. language and Literary Studies (Linguistics), Dip Journalism 19, years’ experience)

Seargent at Arm: Augustine Lengupae
(Degree in Education from the University of Nairobi, over 8 years of experience as GSU officer)
The county assembly has a total of 35 staff

Samburu County Statistics

  • Surface Area
    Surface Area

    21,000 kmsq

  • Population

    224,000 Residents

  • Population Density
    Population Density

    11 persons per kmsq

  • Investments

    Ksh 100 Billion

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Address: County Assembly of Samburu,
Postal: P.O. Box 3 - 20600 Maralal, Kenya.
Phone: +254 065 62456, +254 65 62075
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