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March 3rd, 2021



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Adamson Lanyasunya 258x317MCA LOOSUK WARD

Hon. Adamson Lanyasunya

Deputy Speaker County Assembly of Samburu

Chair: Liaison Committee

Vice Chair: House business Committee & Procedures and Rules committee

Member: House Business Committee, Procedures and rules, Tourism & Cooperatives development,Environment and Natural resources, Finance and accounts committee, PIC and PAC & Budget and investment committee

Holds MAsters Degree-Community Development, Project Managment, Planning and Administration {Ugerton University},Bachelors degree-{University of Nairobi},Holds vast experience as Senior Manager in Various NGOs, Senior research Scientist- Published several articles, Senior Consultants in several fields.

Commitment to the People of Loosuk Ward

Equitable distributions of services based on community priorities

Promote peace, development, unity in the work place

Represent the citizen interest in the Legislative assembly

Ward Economic Features;

Leading in Agricultural production in the County {Wheat, barley, Maize, Beats etc}

Beautiful attraction, tourist landscape, the great rift valley best view as Safaricom picked Poro landscape for its marketing

Samburu County Statistics

  • Surface Area
    Surface Area

    21,000 kmsq

  • Population

    224,000 Residents

  • Population Density
    Population Density

    11 persons per kmsq

  • Investments

    Ksh 100 Billion

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